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The Stelling Minnis School PTA

Welcome to the PTA members!
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you so that you know who we are and have a friendly face to approach with any of your PTA questions or offers of support!
Lucy Everett


Mummy to Archie in Mice class. I work for the NHS, love a challenge, socialising and am a keen crafter. I am very excited to lead this great PTA.

Emma Biswall


Mum to Roman in year 2. I am an accountant and studying towards becoming a certified Tax Advisor. I enjoy walking my dog, Leia, and gardening.

Ellie Sheppard


Mum to Harvey and Zac. I work in the ambulance service as a Resource Dispatcher and thrive working under pressure! I am looking forward to creating a collaborative and successful PTA.

Marc Everett


Hi I have a son Archie at the school. I have worked in haulage and logistics in the UK and Europe for 22 years. I enjoy gardening with my son, golf and snooker.

Philip Reynolds


Proud father to Lily in year 2 and am excited about being part of a new PTA. As a SMPS Governor I am delighted to be able to help everyone pull together to deliver a great experience for our children.

Rarah Rajan


Mum of twin boys Zakir and Rehan and daughter Alyssa. I look forward to working with parents, teachers, governors and the wider community to help bring the best in our school. I love reading and am always on the lookout for a good Netflix recommendation!

Carrie Smith


I am mum to Finlay. Disability, accessibility and inclusion are all very important to me and they impact my family's daily life. My horses are my hobby and passion!

Caroline Prado-Marin


Mum to Frankie in Mice class. I feel strongly about supporting all children in their development in an inclusive supported enviroment. I am passionate about medieval history and attempt many crafts.

Katie Mason


Mum to Molly in year 2. I am excited to be part of this team to support and enhance the school. I have a background in early years provision.

Petrina Reynolds


Mum to Lily in year 2. I am pleased to be part of this collaborative team of people working towards a bright and happy future for the parents, schools and children.

Ellie-Louise Clark


Mum to Stanley and Shayne. I work as an administrator for various companies. As the social media & marketing lead for the PTA I am looking forward to creating a successful and safe platform.