Staff Duties

Here is a list of our staff including their roles and duties around the school.

Mr John Gray - Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Subject Lead for RE, Assessment and Collective Worship.

Mrs Julie Simmons - Assistant Headteacher and Class Teacher for
Year 1 &2

Special Needs Coordinator, Deputy Safeguarding Leader, Subject Lead for Mathematics.

Mrs Burnie (3 days), Miss Eastwood (2 days) - Class Teachers for Reception

Mrs Alexander - Class Teacher for Year3 & 4

Miss Rachel Baker - Class Teacher for Year 5 & 6

Subject Lead for English.

Mrs Andrea Loft - French Teacher

Miss Kate Horton - Sports Teacher
Mrs Jane Bushell - Forest School Teacher
Mrs Debbie Semple - School Administrator and Bursar
Mrs Janet Willard - School Secretary

Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Mrs Patricia Gifford
Mrs Tracey Spencer (also ICT Technician).

Teaching Assistants
Mrs Sally Hayes
Mrs Polly Melvill
Ms Curtis

Breakfast Club Staff
Mrs Dawn Kennett
Mrs Amber Lyons

After-School Activity Club Staff
Mrs Lesley Darling
Mrs Dawn Kennett

Mr Jonathan Heslop