SAT Results

Our end of year results are summarised below:

Early Years Foundation Stage

Percentage of children who achieved a good level of development 67% (Nationally 69% last year).

Year 1 Phonics Test

Percentage of children achieving the required level 77% (Nationally 81% last year).

Year 2 SATs Test
Year 2 SAT Results 2017
Year 6 SATs Test
Year 6 SATs 2017

*data not available yet.

Please bear in mind that small pupil numbers mean that one child is worth about 7%, so if one child does or doesn’t reach a certain level it impacts on the percentages greatly.

These results show that the percentage of pupils that achieved the Expected level is broadly in line with the National scores.There are areas for improvement that we have identified and are in the new School Improvement Plan.

SATs are updated and revised regularly. Click the link below to take a look at our latest results.

Performance data 2017