In an attempt to part fund the costs required to fix our beautiful mechanical, striking clock, the school have set up a crowdfunding site. Please click the link below and share with as many people as you can. We would love your support with this.

Crowdfunding for Clock Repair Site Link

The primary school in Stelling Minnis has a mechanical clock and mechanism, which was built in 1889 by Gillett and Co, and which runs a striking clock in the school’s bell tower. The mechanism is no longer working, and the school is looking for a grant to return the clock and the winding mechanism to full repair.

The clock tower itself is in need of being replaced, which is being fully funded by KCC, and is scheduled for completion in February 2018. However, the cost of the repair to the clock and mechanism itself is not included in this.

The donations would help to pay towards the guilding, repair and renovation of the clock face, the removal, renovation and replacing of the mechanism.

The children will benefit by having a Victorian working clock in the school that they can learn about and help wind up. The school will have part of its heritage restored. Parents of children currently in school remember winding up the clock on a Friday when they were at school! The local community are supportive of the project and are keen to hear the striking clock ring out across the area.